How to take Laminine - please read this carefully before you start taking Laminine
By Peter Glickman Revised 2 November 2012

This information is provided for educational purposes only and IS NOT intended as a substitute for professional medical advice,
diagnosis or treatment. Always seek professional advice from your licensed healthcare provider with any questions you have
regarding a medical condition.

Although Laminine contains the complete amino acids that make up the protein in our bodies, the unique ingredient in Laminine
is a growth factor that directs and signals the other nutrients, which act as building blocks, where to go to repair the body. As
such, Laminine does not cure, heal or treat or mitigate any disease or condition. It simply allows the body to heal itself. The idea
of the body healing itself is nearly 2,000 years old in the Western world as taught by the Father of Western Medicine,

Because these signal molecules in Laminine begin to work within hours and many people report additional energy, it is not
recommended to take Laminine later in the day than the afternoon to avoid problems falling asleep until you adjust to it and see
what it will do for your body. Also, this rebuilding may occasionally cause retracing, which is the temporary re-experiencing of old
illnesses, injuries or pains as the body throws off the old illness, injury or pain and recovers. This has been referred to as a
healing crisis, die-off reaction, detox symptom or Herxheimer reaction. It is a very common experience in alternative healing.

To avoid a retracing that is unpleasantly strong, it is suggested that you start with 1 capsule per day and then go to 2, then 3,
then 4 capsules per day; each day increasing by 1 capsule providing no unpleasant retracing occurs. If it should occur, you can
either stay at the same level or reduce the dose. If you are only taking 1 capsule and experience unpleasant retracing, you can
either take half a capsule or you can “buffer” the dose by taking it with food as that will reduce Laminine’s effectiveness. You
want to build up to 4 capsules a day as soon as possible without experiencing unpleasant retracing to saturate the body and
"jump-start" the rejuvenation process.

 Once you get to 2 capsules before breakfast and 2 capsules in the afternoon 2 hours after eating, do that for 2 weeks.
 Then, reduce to 1 capsule in the morning and one in the afternoon.
 After that, take 1 a day or adjust to your personal preference.

Most people can sense how much their body needs and when best to take it. For more stress or more chronic conditions, there
is no problem with taking more capsules on a long-term basis. It is a whole food supplement made from eggs, fish and peas. If in
doubt, check with your health professional.

For Best Results Take your Laminine on an empty stomach with water only (no coffee, tea or juice), away from other medication
or supplements, and at least 2 hours after eating or drinking anything else and wait at least 30 minutes before eating or drinking
anything else. Even better if you can, take Laminine throughout the day, one at a time. So if you were going to take 4 capsules,
take the first upon arising, the second 30 minutes before breakfast, the third 30 minutes before lunch, and the fourth 30 minutes
before dinner. Each one at least 2 hours after eating.

For Children - Because Laminine is a food, it can be taken by anyone who has graduated to solid food. Children should take
no more than half the amount suggested above. If the child will not swallow capsules, have him/her drink it mixed in water. If they
will not, add it to yogurt. If you have questions, consult your health care professional.

For Pets - Laminine is also great for pets. Open a capsule and put the contents in their bowl alone or in your hand. Most
animals like egg protein and will like Laminine or add it to coconut oil. If neither of those work, add a small amount to another
protein they will eat.

For Wrinkles - There is a story about a lady who had some extra Laminine. So, she opened the capsule, mixed it with water
and put it on her wrinkles to see what would happen. The next morning she reported the wrinkles were gone. It might be even
more effective if it were mixed with Aloe Vera to increase the penetration. If you try this, please email peter@vibrantgoodhealth.
com and let me know if it works for you.